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JSWF12-10R voltage transformer

JSZWF12-10R type voltage transformer is a three-phase four-wire, epoxy resin cast insulation, indoor dry product, with high-voltage fuse protection and anti-ferromagnetic resonance function. It is used for electric energy measurement or relay protection of measuring instruments, relays and other similar electrical appliances in power systems with rated voltage of 10kV and frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, or to provide operating power supply and zero sequence voltage for ring network cabinets. The product is to meet the requirements of the transformer in the 2021 version of the first and second fusion ring network cabinet.

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LHSZ110-10 current transformer

Phase CT rated current ratio 600/5A, rated load ≥ 5VA, accuracy level: measurement/metering/protection winding single winding:

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3.4.JDZ12A/JSZV12A/JSZV13A-6, 10R voltage transformer

The primary winding of JDZ12A/JSZV12A/JSZV13A-6 and 10R voltage transformer is protected by fuse, which not only provides 100V measuring voltage, but also provides 220V operating power supply for relay circuit.

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