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General Worker



Job Requirements:According to the requirements of the production process, under 45 years old, hard-working, responsible, willing to obey the company to arrange paid overtime, willing to do long-term, with power industry work experience is preferred. If you are the one!

Transformer Technical Engineer



Job Requirements:College degree or above, with more than 2 years working experience in related major.

Work content:

1. Technical guidance for the production process of transformers and reasonable and effective suggestions are put forward.

2. Cooperate with sales to carry out technical docking with customers and confirm customer needs.

3. After-sales problems, which belong to quality problems, analyze the causes of product problems and urge the workshop to improve.

4. Other technology-related issues.

Transformer calibration



Work content:

1, responsible for product data testing, recording, sorting;

2. Daily maintenance of inspection equipment;

3. Assist in improving product quality management;

4. Other work assigned by leaders.

Job Requirements:

1. College or related professional Secondary specialized school degree or above;

2. Product testing experience in the same industry is preferred;

20-50 years old;

5, careful and patient, practical and dedicated.

Transformer Sales Manager



Job Requirements: 1. Responsible for the development of new customers outside Hunan Province, product sales, can bear hardships and stand hard work, combined with the company to arrange business trips. 2. Familiar with high and low voltage transformer, have rich sales experience 3. No experience ready for long-term investment in the electrical industry can learn Other requirements: 1. Quick response, strong communication skills and communication skills, good sense of customer service 2. Have a certain ambition to complete the goals assigned by the superior Salary: basic salary commission Once hired, the treatment is preferential! Application method: interview/assessment method: interview